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Bartram's Covered Bridge
Old St. David's Church


Welcome to the Newtown Square Historical Society. Founded in 1981 by civic minded residents, the society continues its mission to preserve the rich history of Newtown Township. We offer multiple programs to reach out to our community, volunteer opportunities for residents of all ages and events throughout the year at our many historic locations.  Please browse our website and vast pictorial history of our town and consider becoming a member. 

The 1742 Square Tavern will be open for tours on Saturday December 9th from I to 4pm.  Tour Guides will be available on site.

The Newtown Square History Center at the 1828 Paper Mill House will be open for tours from 12 to 4pm on Saturday December 9th.  Tour Guides will be available on site.  

Celebrate the season with a hike between two holiday open houses!
Join us on Saturday, December 9, at 9:30am for a round-trip walk from the Willows in Radnor to the 1800's Paper Mill in Newtown Township.

We’ll meet at the upper parking lot in the Willows (490 Darby-Paoli Road, Villanova), and walk through Radnor’s Skunk Hollow woods, down Paper Mill Road, to Newtown Township’s Historic Paper Mill House (3 Paper Mill Rd, Newtown Square).

Hosts in Colonial dress will extend a warm welcome with hot cocoa and cookies, a Vintage Attic and Art sale, and tours of this extraordinary gem’s 12 decorated rooms and general store!

There is no admission charge, but donations are gratefully accepted to support the historical society’s programs, exhibits and preservation mission.

Once we enjoy the holiday atmosphere of the 1800’s Paper Mill house, we’ll hike back to Radnor, where you can visit the Willows Mansion’s Open House - featuring holiday vendors, music, kids crafts, and…more hot chocolate!

Please wear suitable hiking boots or sneakers with heavy treads. There are some steep inclines through the woods and lots of leaves on the ground. The entire walk is between 2 and 3 miles (depending upon your choice of trails back).

Come out for some fresh air and festivities with friends!

See you Saturday, December 9th at 9:30!

Upcoming events


In 1981 several historically minded residents of Newtown (Delaware County, PA) decided to host a celebration for Newtown’s 300th anniversary. A year of activities and a wonderful parade were the impetus to the creation of the Newtown Square Historical Society in 1984. The main purposes of the Society are to protect, preserve and promote the historic resources of the Township, as well as to tell its story. We are an all volunteer, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization funded through member donations, fundraising and grants. All contributions to the Society are tax deductible, and go to support the work and programs of the Society.

The Founding of Newtown Township

Newtown Township dates to 1681, when William Penn planned two inland “new towns” (the second one is Newtown, Bucks County) in which buyers who bought plots of farm land would be entitled to a “Townstead” plot in the new town planned for the intersection of Newtown Street Road and Goshen Road. The original settlers were Welsh Quakers, drawn to the new world by relatively cheap land, Penn’s promise of religious tolerance, and the prospects of new beginnings. Newtown remained a farming community from that time until after World War II, when it began growing into a suburban bedroom community outside of Philadelphia, 15 miles due east.


As historians and preservationists, we must decide what to work to preserve, determine how best to preserve it, and then what to do with it. Pictures and newspaper clippings in folders in filing cabinets are a beginning, but not an ending.  Our history is recorded in photographs, documents, census records, tax records, but also in household goods, tools, diaries, and oral histories that recount daily life. We can bring particular stories to public view through articles in local newspapers, blogs, and social media posts. All of these items help to bring history alive. Education programs can bring that history to the community – through monthly programs aimed at adults, and through educational programs aimed at children. Having a museum that preserves these historic items is a wonderful way to educate our residents, young and old alike, about the importance of our history. We do all of this and more. But it takes a lot of volunteer effort to make it all happen. The wonderful thing is that for every interest, and for every skill, there is a place for you to shine in the Society – a place for artists, photographers, writers, teachers, catalogers, guides, program and ad sellers, event planners, and business people who can coordinate the multifaceted efforts that are needed.

NSHS Board of Directors

President: Cathy Cavalier-Gach
Vice President: Vince Gutierrez
Treasurer: Larry Fischer
Secretary: Mary Reaney
Solicitor: John Custer
Curator, Communications, Programs: Doug Humes
Membership, Guides: Nancy Falcone
Events: Cathy Cavalier-Gach
Facilities: Vince Gutierrez

At Large:

Arlene Caruso
Walt Albert

Contact board members by sending an email to and including their name in the subject.

Contact Us

info@nshistory.org610-975-0290 • P.O Box 3, Newtown Square, PA 19073

The Newtown Square Historical Society is a community volunteer organization. We get our principal funding from you, our members, patrons, neighbors, and friends. Without your support, we cannot do all that we do. We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, and your donations are charitable deductions as permitted by law.

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